Summer 2018

Welcome to Saint Catherines, especially if you're new to Dublin or just visiting.

Our Sunday gatherings start at 11:00am, the dress code is casual and the atmosphere is relaxed. There are over 20 nationalities represented in the congregation, so there's always a great mix of life and energy.  

During the summer months our Sunday Gathering's take on a slightly different look and feel. So there's a few things you might like to know before you join us.

1. Our Sunday teaching focus throughout July & August is called 'Summer in the Psalms', where we're exploring the book of Psalms and asking questions like: What are the Psalms?, Where are the Psalms?, as well as asking, how we can use the Psalms to help us to pray & meet with God? You can get caught up on the series so far on our podcast here

2. Our Childrens ministry leaders and volunteers are all taking a very well deserved break during the rest of July and  August. But if you are planning on visiting us during the summer months, we do have a great parent and baby space along with some fun activity packs for little ones to do in their seats. 

We're looking forward to meeting you all, 

Eoghan & Becky Heaslip