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We believe that the Bible is a gift from God to his people; the story of his relationship with us and we are encouraged as Christians to immerse ourselves in it, make it our own and with God’s leading to interpret it. One of the practical ways we do this at Saint Catherine’s is through ‘reading groups’. Reading groups offer anyone interested in daily bible study, an opportunity to join a small, private ‘WhatsApp’ group focused on reading the bible together throughout the week and reflecting on it .

About the daily readings

There is often more than one psalm reading for the day, if time is short, just read one of those. If there's an (s) beside the reading it means it's a Sunday and the readings may vary. If you miss a day don't feel pressure to catch up, just go with the readings for the day and start fresh. Finally then, use ‘WhatsApp’ to tell others what you see and think about what you've been reading. You will need a smartphone to download ‘WhatsApp’, and if you have any questions about how to do that visit the ‘WhatsApp’ website.

To join a reading group we’ll need your mobile number which you can give us by contacting Sharon Ross on

You can find a copy of our latest Reading plan here.

Enjoy reading and exploring together,

Eoghan Heaslip / Minister in charge