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Lent is a time for practicing self-reflection. A time where we learn to ask ourselves: What is the shape of Jesus’ life and how does it contrast to the shape of mine? Are we, am I, like Jesus? And if not, where is the Gap? Lent is about identifying with every part of Jesus’ life & ministry, remembering who he is and celebrating and refocusing our lives around Him. This is why the church often fasts during lent to help us to mark the time as significant and put some kind of shape on that process of remembering & refocusing our lives around Jesus.

To inspire us during lent this year, I am encouraging us all to consider running or being part of a LENT PROJECT. Each project is designed to help us mark lent practically in some small way, but the main focus is to help us to connect with God and to pray for others as we go. You can download your copy of our lent resource booklet here.

Come on the journey with us and invite others to join in your project with you, I can’t wait to see what God will do through it all, 

With great love, 

Eoghan Heaslip / Minister in charge