Saint Catherine's runs with the help of a team:

Shane Maguire, Louise Jones, Eoghan Heaslip, Sean Booth, Kate Robbins, & Sharon Ross.


Saint Catherine’s Church is a part of the United Diocese of Dublin & Glendalough, with the Rev. Eoghan Heaslip licensed as its Minister in Charge.

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Our team is supported by the trustees, as well as our Nehemiah and Barnabas groups.

The role of the Board of Trustees is to hold the vision of Saint Catherine’s in focus, while being ultimately responsible for the trust-owned buildings and finances of the church.

The Nehemiah Group is made up of elected members of the congregation who help lead and serve our church. They are responsible for the maintenance and development of church buildings, finances, governance, health and safety, safeguarding, and human resources.

The Barnabas Group consists of ministry leaders and those who demonstrate spiritual maturity or pastoral gifts. Their role is to work with the Minister to provide discerning insight into spiritual matters within the life of the church and to facilitate member-to- member pastoral care. 

Saint Catherine's Church History


We love the community on Thomas Street in Dublin 8 and our place here.

Saint Catherine’s has played a significant part in the landscape of this city for hundreds of years. There has been a church on our site since the year 1185. The structure was rebuilt in its present form in the 18th century by architect John Smith.

In 1966, the church was closed due to lack of attendance, de-consecrated, and used by Dublin Corporation for exhibitions and concerts. In 1998, Saint Catherine's was completely refurbished and re-consecrated as a place of worship for CORE Church (City Outreach for Renewal and Evangelism).

We have since re-adopted our original name of Saint Catherine’s Church and hope to continue the long history of worship and service in this community and throughout Dublin. We are looking forward to celebrating Saint Catherine’s 250th anniversary year in 2019.

For more information about the history of the building, visit our Wikipedia page